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JSC Juniors

Ski Faster, Have More Fun!

Athletes should work with coaches on placement recommendation. 


All aspects of competitive skiing will be covered, including physical conditioning, technical and tactical development and equipment preparation education, etc. Participants will compete in U16 races.

Juniors History

Alaska has a pretty good history of turning out some great ski racers and to stay competitive the Juniors Program was established to give athletes opportunity to fine tune and hone their racing skills on their hometown mountain. Often as racers had limited out on their opportunities to continue racing within the Alaska circuit, it was their Juniors coaches that helped families navigate the moves for purposes of furthering ski careers outside of their home state of Alaska. 

We pride ourselves on keeping athletes engaged in the club for as long as possible and the Juniors program is often their last stop before moving on to a broader ski career. The great news is many return to continue in the club in a coaching capacity. 

Meet The Coaches

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