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JSC Devos

Devos stands for Developmental Skiing!

Athletes should work with coaches on placement recommendation. 


Improve and refine skiing technique through ski training and racing, develop skiing skills for all snow conditions and terrain, instill confidence in abilities, develop and learn with peers of similar age and ability.


Advancing athletes through alpine racing and working on fundamental skiing skills using racing to teach those skills at a high level. Training includes gates, powder, steeps, equipment preparation and more. 


Devos History

If you were to take a wayback machine......waaaaaaayyyyy back to when some of today's JSC coaches were Mitey Mites; you would find that there was Mitey Mites and  there was Juniors but not a whole lot in between. As a ski racer you sort of just went from Mitey Mites and were thrown in to training with Juniors and raced within your age-group. Super intimidating, not super helpful, and definitely not as safe. 

Somewhere along the way about 25 years ago, someone figured out that 10 and up is a crucial time for young athletes to be inspired, comfortable, and have their natural growth and DEVelOpment in Ski racing focused, guided, and harnessed. Once Devos became a program with the Juneau Ski Club, it was obvious that it was a crucial program to ensure our JSC Athletes get all the confidence they need to progress to the Juniors program.

Meet The Coaches

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